3 weeks ago

Clash of Clans

STOP...RAMBLE TIME It's been a while since I have written a review, but I guess it's time to get those gears greased up again.  So the topic of discussion today is a mobile game called "Clash of Clans".  Clearskyy constantly was trying to get me to play it for the longest time, but what finally wore me down was my little cousin who kept on me about it one day.  I proceeded to download it and as soon as I started it, it became apparent that I was locked into another "Facebook" type game.  "Yup, here we go again..." is what I thought to myself. Not long after getting past the first few upgrades and the first big upgrades I finally was able to save up for it started to feel less like a Facebook game, and more like a really really long term RTS.  The first few times I was attacked I was like, "Aww man they stole some of my shit, I guess I'll just have to make sure I use up as much of my resources as I can before my shield goes away."...

4 weeks ago


Background I used to be a gamer. I used to play all the games. I’ve wandered aimlessly through Vvardenfell for days, followed all of Deckard Cain’s advice, and disemboweled more zombies than I care to remember. That being said, real life has inevitably and unfortunately caught up with me. In my second year as a Financial Services Consultant in NYC, I find myself struggling to care for a character that only exists when I have the time to update Steam. Plus, Dark Souls is hard as fuck if you drink as much red wine as I do. The Problem I’ll never forget that 70th star. It was from Tick Tock Clock, and I had just figured out how to shut down the movement on all the moving pieces in the level. I collected the eight red coins, did a badass side-flip into the star, and prepared myself for what was yet to come. I remember entering the last of Bowser’s levels, and immediately entering first-person-view...

4 weeks ago

Shadow of Mordor

Okay, so... I'm known for holding grudges in a very, very hard way.This game reminds me of my ex-girlfriend: we had a lot of fun, but looking back on it makes me angry as hell, and I feel stupid for even playing it because the ending? The ending was atrocious. To be fair - I'm going to tell you the good and the bad about it, even though the bitterness of beating this game has left such a sour taste in my mouth even as I write this.Let me tell you about Shadows of Mordor....but first, let me tell you something. The hype surrounding this game is well deserved with insanely fun combat, sexy graphics, and very, very memorable interactions with characters you have *zero* background info on other than the brief and bloody interactions you have with them. STORY You play as Talion, a man who Sauron's best [the Black Hand] have personally wronged - they killed his family and you. However, due to the Black Hand trying...

2 weeks ago

EA, NHL 15, and half assed games.

Incoming opinion piece, hold onto your butts. Since the internet has gotten a little faster (in urban areas, the internet where I live is still slow as shit). There has been this new stima since DLC has been introduced. This is certainly not a new thing but it is definitely a new cancer that is slowly killing my motivation to buy new games. Developers now a days are content with pushing out half assed games and then patching them later. How is this acceptable? How are is there repercussions for this bullshit? It's almost encouraged at this point since they get away with charging us further for more DLC later down the road. Holy shit Destiny, shots fired right at you, with that Expansion Pass crock of shit that you advertised the the fucking case when I bought the game, are you fucking serious right now? Give me that for free, 25 missions and then you're done and you get the pleasure of grinding them out with harder difficulties? You could have sworn that I suffer from a...

Last month

Destiny: Become Masochists

It's a little too early and a little too unbalanced to call Destiny my game of the year, given that there are plenty of decent contenders out there; however this game is pretty amazing. It excels in a lot of ways and falls flat on it's face in others, we'll be discussing a lot of both in our time together here. I'll try and elaborate on things that I think work and others that really don't. This article will undoubtedly not go unscathed, since people are very passionate about this game in both positive and negative lights. I welcome your flame war. This piece will be as organic as I can make it and will continue to grow over time as I keep pumping more time into it and new updates come to light. I'll try and add little rumors I come across and other such fun things. I plan on working on this for some time, so feel free to come on back when as it updates. Things are still in infancy. Describe your Destiny experience as quickly and as metaphorically as you can I...

August 2014

Fun things I learned when my internet went out

So, It's probably happened to all of us at some point. You wake up and realize that some of the usual notifications on your phone aren't there. You ignore it and saunter over to your computer and try and access the internet. First thing you notice besides the browser is now not responding is all, and the annoying notifications that you've lost connectivity. Fuck. The internet is out. If you're me, the first thing you do is try and debug the problem, check the router, remote into it and check to see if there is anything wrong with the hardware. Check connectivity status. All that fun stuff. Then you realize it's not your hardware that isn't the problem. You check your bill status. That's all clear, so what's the problem? The problem is that your house was hit by a storm and it fucked your line. This is probably not that relatable to most people who don't have to rely on phone lines for their internet, but I do. Since I live on an Native American Reservation, Bell Canada, doesn't like...





Borderlands 2 LP

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