March 2014

Spiral Knights

Are you looking for a small (300MB), cute looking, fun, MMORGP that you just get to bash things silly with little swords and or pets? Look no further than Spiral Knights! This game was developed by SEGA, so you know this game has to be at least decent. Oh, believe me it is. Oh, and it's free. Not only is this game adorable, it... Read More

January 2014

DLC Quest

Want to not spend a whole lot of money ($3) and be able to finally say "I've completed a whole game" in a matter of 20 minutes? Then look no further. DLC Quest is a fantastic 2D side-scroller platformer with just enough satire to keep you interested. Everything in the game is considered "DLC" (Download... Read More

December 2013

Risk of Rain

Tired of FPS, but don't want to stop shooting things? Well I have the game for you. This rougelike survival platformer is as challenging as it gets. The even on the Easy setting I was having a hard time keeping up and just surviving! This game is small on your hard disc, pixilated and very charming to look at. The music is amazing ... Read More

April 2014


I didn't think I would have to write an article explaining hashtags of all things, but I'm completely fed up with its misuse and the misunderstandings surrounding such a simple concept. Alright, here we go. what is a hashtag? Say hello to Number Sign (#). In North America this symbol referred to &... Read More

November 2013

The Software/Hardware Harmony of the PS4

So, if you didn't know already the new PS4 will be using an architecture very similar to what you're PC, laptops and other computers use. Unless of course you were thinking about your tablet, mobile device, which are different even if you have a Surface RT, which runs its own craptastic architecture that no one wants ... Read More

October 2013

Unsettling change to Facebook Privacy Settings

So I received this email today with the following: Hi Nate, In a few days we'll be removing an old Facebook setting you've used in the past. You'll see an announcement on Facebook and have several chances to learn about this before then. We just wanted to tell you about this in advance so you have time to review w... Read More

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