Last month

LG Nexus 5

There are very few phones that I've held in my lifetime that made me go "oh wow" immediately after getting my hands on it. The first of which was probably my iPhone 4, later would be the HTC One (I never owned one of these unfortunately), and now this. The LG Nexus 5 is currently the mobile device that I currently use and is by far my favorite one...

Last month

Dishonored DLC and why you need it

Dishonored.   It's a title I don't really need to introduce, given the colossal amount of media attention it received for it's marketing campaign. ...but overblown or over-hyped the campaign was not, because this game was absolutely amazing. The sound track, the graphics, the gore... and the...

March 2014

Spiral Knights

Are you looking for a small (300MB), cute looking, fun, MMORGP that you just get to bash things silly with little swords and or pets? Look no further than Spiral Knights! This game was developed by SEGA, so you know this game has to be at least decent. Oh, believe me it is. Oh, and it's free. Not only is this game adorable, it's...

Last month

Fun things I learned when my internet went out

So, It's probably happened to all of us at some point. You wake up and realize that some of the usual notifications on your phone aren't there. You ignore it and saunter over to your computer and try and access the internet. First thing you notice besides the browser is now not responding is all, and the annoying notifications that you've lost connectivity....

Last month

How Data Synchronization is Ruining Mobile Gaming

This is just something that I've come across as of late, but there are only 64 games in the Google Play Store that you can play offline. That is insane, do you have any idea how many games there are in the Google Play Store? The amount is ridiculously high and all of them require that you have some sort of internet connection to play them....

April 2014


I didn't think I would have to write an article explaining hashtags of all things, but I'm completely fed up with its misuse and the misunderstandings surrounding such a simple concept. Alright, here we go. what is a hashtag? Say hello to Number Sign (#). In North America this symbol referred to "pound"...

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