9 hours ago

Rock Band 4

When I had bought this game I was already convinced there wasn't going to be a need for a review. It was Rock Band 4.0 and it was another day at the office, same shit different day, if you enjoyed the previous ones you were probably going to enjoy this one... or so I lead myself to believe. I've had the game for some time now and I'm ready to throw my two cents into the mix about this game. I'm going to lump some Guitar Hero stuff in here probably as well for good measure. Why not, I didn't buy the game but I have played enough of it at my friend's house.  First off, what the fuck is up with this playlist? This is a major problem I have with this game. I have migrated from Xbox and moved over to Playstation when it comes to consoles so I left all my DLC behind. All my songs I previously bought over the years, gone. Fuck it, I can afford to buy them again if I really wanted. I thought it was going to be okay, I thought the stock playlist would be enough to get me through...

April 2015

Battlefield Hardline

Alright boys and girls, brush off the Dorito dust off and prepare yourself for another scolding of probably one of your new favorite games. Make note that I write this with a little bit of pain in my heart because I had some expectations going into this game and maybe that's what makes writing this a little difficult, but I'll grit my teeth and bare it and slug my way through this. It's real easy to say a game is shit. That being said, this game is shit. It's almost insulting, I love BF (Battlefield) but this game isn't BF. It's almost fucked up that it's part of that series. As my good friend QuantumCharge puts it "They (Visceral) should have just made this game and called it just Hardline instead of Battlefield". By itself, this game probably could have made some headway in terms of the old "cops and robbers" trope, but they had to go and throw this into the Battlefield universe and it's an awkward fit. It has nothing to do with the military like every other BF game. The only...

December 2014

InFAMOUS: Second Son

Looks like we're going with the throwback trend here, so let's kick off with another game that was released earlier this March. As of right now you can go to your local video game store (notice how I say video game store, fuck Walmart) and get this game for probably half the price of it's initial release price. That was honestly the first draw I had to making a purchase of this game. The second reason was the reaction I got from my friends who had both said they enjoyed playing this game without telling me anything about it. Fantastic I'm sold, let's try this game out. I was sort of late to the PS4 game and I need to buff up my library, this looks like a exceptional candidate. I have always wanted to try out the first inFAMOUS game but never got around to it. I believe the reasoning behind that was that I didn't have a PS3 around that time and/or I forgot about it after I had gotten one. If it is anything like Second Son, I missed out on something have to go back and...

2 weeks ago

Fallout 4

Alright, I'm not going to bother writing a review for this game. It's not that I couldn't, it's just... let's play a game and its called "let's get real" and it starts with you getting real. There are already a million reviews, guides and all sorts of other bullshit out there. I don't need to try and even attempt to join the pool of bullshit you can sieve though and spend just amount the same time it would take you to do all the side quests. That isn't going to stop me from at least trying to "talk" about it. Talk in quotations there because I'm typing and you're reading. Scanning the lines of text with your eye holes and then the squishy thing in the back of your head somehow turns that into cognitive goop that you understand and works with your conscious abilities to comprehend what you're trying to understand. You're probably not even reading this with the same voice in your head that I'm using. Maybe you are. Stop that. Who said you could use my voice!? How did you even do that?...

May 2015

[WIP] My mechanical keyboard ascension

As far as I can remember I've always used membrane keyboards. The first PC we had in my house came possibly with a mechanical keyboard, but it's too long ago for me to remember. I know that my aunt had a computer that had a mechanical keyboard for sure but I never really used that computer a whole lot so I can't say that I have any real experience when it came to mechanical keyboards. I couldn't remember the feeling it was to use them and every school or class or lab I went to supplied only membranes. So I went 25 years of my life using primarily membrane keyboards, I excelled at typing on them, or so I thought. I never really had a problem with them and I especially loved when I got my laptop and it had low-profile keys. My fingers glided over the keyboard with unprecedented speed and accuracy. My WPM skyrocketed especially since I could type easier on low profile keys and the introduction to of Instant Messenger applications into my life. Since i was talking to most of my peers using...

January 2015

I never finish any of my fucking games

Wow, Nate way to have fuck right in your titles, you click-baiting asshole. I'm actually thinking it's going to have the opposite effect. Regardless, I'm sitting strewing over the fact why I never finish any of my games anymore. I remember back in the days of my youth I used to sit around and play a single game until I completed it all the way. I remember challenging my relatives to see who could finish the game first and finding much pride in myself whenever I managed to do it, and having a shit ton of fun even when I failed to complete it first. It gave us something to talk about, the experiences we had playing the game and what parts we found challenging and different strategies we used to get past certain points. That has all come and gone and in fact I can't exactly remember the last time I had conversation like that in a while now. Right now I can remember sitting in on my couch, playing my N64 or my Xbox and spending hour after hour trying to beat the one game that I haven't...





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