Editorial #20

May 17, 2013

listen on repeat

Listen On Repeat

Quite possibly the most awesome tool I've been shown in a while is Listen On Repeat. I'm not sure how many of you are like me and like to beat to death their new favorite song on youtube and hate having to click the play button over and over after the song is done playing. Those days are in the past thanks to Listen On Repeat.

The first way to do this is to go to the site and search for the video there, but the second way to do this is to find the youtube video you want, and change the URL (that weird text thing in the address bar, where you usually type google, yeah that thing). Where it says "youtube" put "listenonrepeat" there instead. Personally I find the second way easier since you're usually already on youtube and that's where you generally find the videos you're looking for anyways.

For example: the URL for Ephixa - Lost Woods on youtube is right here. 

We now change this to the following to listen to it on Listen On Repeat:

Wham bam thank you ma'am, you're good to go.

This sort of thing works well with funny and/or short videos that you want to watch over and over again, like a short clip of a kitten or your favorite skateboard bail or someone getting hurt, we all know how we love those videos. Turn your insides into outsides by busting your gut watching them on repeat. Aw yiss, the future is here.

There is a mobile app where you can search for videos and play them. The interface is clean and simple, there are ads but we'll forgive them for now since the app is free. The video player on the mobile app is ugly but it works really well, surprisingly so actually. There also isn't a repeat counter or share options, but I can't really bring myself to care about that. The app also works when the phone is locked, which is actually a big deal for me. If you tried locking your phone with the youtube app it quits the video. This means if you were rocking out and decided to put your phone in your pocket or simply don't want to murder your battery by having your screen on, your video is going to pause along with the music, not cool. I'm glad LoR keeps the music going with our batteries in mind. The obvious downfall of this is that you have to unlock your phone and pause the video if you want it to stop, but that only takes a few seconds, not a problem.

I've only tested the app on wifi so I'm not sure how well it does on a mobile network but I can't imagine it being that harsh, if I were to guess I would say they cache the video after its done loading the first time. That would be the smart way to do it. This means that it doesn't have to load the video more than once, therefore not running up your data/cell phone bill.

At any rate, as I said before I greatly enjoy this website service/app so I will recommend you give it a try since I haven't run into any hiccups or issues. Clean, simple, fun. Now go ruin your favorite songs by listening to them a hundred times.

author:  clearskyy





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